If you cannot find the answer you are looking for in our Frequently Asked Questions please do not hesitate to send us an email.

Q.Do you have parking?

Yes we have an on-site car park for a limited amount of cars. There is also parking on the road in the surrounding roads.

Q.Are there any other ways to get to Jumpin?

Yes. There are bus stops within 2 minutes of the park.  The local train station with links across Gloucestershire and beyond is a 20 minute walk .

Q.Do you have lockers?

Lockers are available. These require £1 to use (but this is returned to you once you are finished using it).

Q.Can I bring my own food?

No. Due to health and safety rules in catering we do not allow any food or drinks from outside onto the premises (apart from baby food).

Q.What is your off-peak/peak times?

Off Peak times are from Monday to Friday at School Term Times according to the local council. Saturday, Sunday, Bank Holidays and any School Holiday times are classed as Peak times.

Q.Do you have wheelchair access?

Our park has two floors, the ground floor where the inflatable is and the first floor where the Cafe is located.
Unfortunately we do not have a lift to access the cafe floor. Although wheelchairs can watch from the ground floor and have food/drink brought to them.

Q.Can I bounce if I am pregnant?

Sorry, you cannot bounce if you are pregnant. This is to ensure the safety of the unborn baby and the adult.

Q.Is my booking transferable / refundable?

All bookings with the exception of parties can be moved to another session with no less than 24 hours’ notice. Bookings will only be refunded when 14 days notice is given. You must call us direct or email us to modify or cancel a booking.

Q.Are there any height or weight restrictions?

There are no height restrictions, however the weight limit for our inflatable theme parks is 21 stones/133kg per person.

Q.Does the inflatable theme park contain latex as I am allergic?

No. The arena is not made with any latex.

Q.How old do you need to be to bounce?

At Jumpin the minimum age to bounce in our main arena on our general sessions is 5 without adult supervision. If your child is toddling, they are welcome to bounce but they must be supervised at all times by a booked, full-paying space; however if you are attending a toddler session, the adult is FREE.

Q.Can you bounce without a parent or guardian?

Anyone over the age of 14 will be able to bounce without a parent on the premises (as long as the waiver has been completed for them by a parent or guardian over the age of 18), however anyone below this age must have a guardian/ parent on the premises.

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